Hottest Haircuts for 2016

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A new year calls for a new haircut. If you are planning to start fresh this 2016, one of the first steps you should take is to get a new look. Are you ready for an upgrade? Here are 10 of the hottest haircuts for 2016.

1. Texturized Lob

Lobs became a huge hit in 2015 and the trend will continue until this year. But what kind of lob will be in fashion? This 2016, texturized lobs like Rosey Huntington-Whiteley’s are going to be in. Other celebs like Adele and Emma Watson have also been spotted sporting the same style.

What to tell your stylist: Ask for an effortless and chic haircut that does not require a lot of maintenance. Ask your stylist to make sure that your cut will feature lots of movement and choppier ends.

Home styling tip: For natural-looking hair, use a salt or texturizing spray. Loosely curl pieces of your hair in opposite directions and with your fingers, shake it out.

2. Shag

2016 is the year of “I woke up like this” hairstyles. A long fringe with lots of medium layers around the face will be a popular cut. Draw inspiration from celebrities with gorgeous shag cuts like Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift

What to tell your stylist: Ask for a trendy and rock-and-roll crop but don’t allow your stylist to cut your hair too short. Your hair should be long enough so you can still pull it back into a ponytail.

Home styling tip: Spritz a salt or texturizing spray from your mid-shaft down to the ends. This will give your hair a bit of grit, making it look more natural. Next, grab a curling iron and loosely coil one to two inch sections in opposite directions. Finally, shake it out with your fingers.

3. Petite-Coif

A petite-coif may be short but it chic, elegant and feminine. Take note from actresses like Kate Mara and Lily Collins. This year, a pixie cut variation will be among the hottest looks of the year. It should feature a short, clean cut around the perimeter of the face but can have varying lengths throughout the top, around the ears and at the nape.

What to tell your stylist: Ask for a clean, pixie cut. Tell your stylist to think about Mia Farrow in the movie Rosemary’s Baby but only a modern version.

Home styling top: Use a bit of gel and comb it into your desired direction to create a wet, sleek look. However, if you want a “bed head” effect, distribute the gel onto your hair using your hands and blow dry to achieve your desired shape.

4. Full Fringe

This year, bangs are making a huge comeback. Whether you prefer them edgy or elegant, they are going to be fashionable this 2016 and what’s great is the style works well with different hair types. Even those with thick or curly hair can sport a gorgeous fringe.

What to tell your stylist: If you want a classic and glamorous look, tell your stylist that you prefer to have a softer fringe. However, if you want an edgier look, go for a blunt bang like Olivia Wilde’s.

Home styling tip: First, let your hair air-dry instead of blow drying. This will give your locks a natural texture. Then, with a 1 ½ inch curling iron, wrap your hair in vertical sections. Vary the direction of the curl especially around your hairline for a stylish look.

5. Curly, Piecey Bob

Marilyn Monroe’s signature curly bob is in this year. The look is playful, romantic and just like the woman who made it popular, seductive. If you want to feel and look sexy, opt for this cut.

What to tell your stylist: Ask for a blunt angle or wedge cut that is layered at the back and connected to the front by leaving piecey tendrils. If you want a funkier look, tell your stylist to cut different lengths in the front.

Home styling trick: To make your hair look piecey, make sure to define the curls that frame your face. For more definition, use a strong hold styler and by crunching the tips very tightly towards the root in an upward motion.

6. Trapezoid Afro

Do you want to make a statement this year? Take note from Solange Knowles and go for a trapezoid afro. It is without a doubt, funky and edgy but if you know how to style it right, it can also look glamorous and chic.

What to tell your stylist: Ask your stylist for a cut that features a tapered bottom and more weight at the top. The final shape of your hair should resemble a heart or a diamond.

Home styling trick: An afro is far from monotonous. You can create a lot of looks by changing up your part. Play with your hair. Part if from the side or down the middle.

7. Choppy Layers

Choppy layers are a classic. They have been around since the 1990s and they never go out of style. They are like the denim jeans of haircuts. This year, be inspired by Rachel Bilson, Emma Stone and Cameron Diaz. All three actresses have choppy layers that look natural and effortless.

What to tell your stylist: Ask for visible layers. They are the most important feature of this style. But before chopping your hair, figure out how high you want the first layer to do. Generally, flattering layers begin right below the jawline.

Home styling trick: Rub some wax between your fingers and work it through your ends, twisting slightly to bring out the layers. This will create a “lifting” effect that will enhance your whole look. If you want your hair to appear fuller, just add more wax.

8. Model Midi

Airy, medium-length hair is going to be hot this 2016. Forget about sleek midis that look piecey. This year, it’s all about showing your hair’s natural curves.

What to tell your stylist: Ask for a type of cut that hits at the collarbone. It should feature long layers and texturized ends without feathering. You don’t want your hair to look like a shag cut.


Home styling tip: Since this look will play up on your hair’s natural curves, avoid blow drying. Just air-dry your hair while running a rounded brush around the ends to create a little bend.